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Meet FlyView, an innovative, lightning fast SharePoint navigation menu for SharePoint users that significantly cuts the time it takes to explore and view SharePoint sites, libraries, folders and documents. In seconds it binds itself to the site structure automatically without any configuration required. It is a must-have tool loaded with useful features such as Interactive Breadcrumb Flyout menu, Side Navigation Panel, In-Page Navigation, Instant Search, Smart views, Quick Previews, Favorites and History links. It is easy to install and setup in minutes. Download the free Chrome & Edge extensions now or the Free Enterprise VersionTrial for IE and other browsers.

Flyout and Mega Menus

The lightning-fast runtime menu enables you to explore the content, adapts to your site structure.

Quick Document Previews

Quick document metadata and previews right inside the menu. Preview images, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents.

Easy Setup - Installs in seconds

Add FlyView in seconds download it as a web browser plug-in, availble for free on both Chrome and Edge stores.

Make Your Favourites

FlyView lets you mark your favorite spots. Save your time by directly reaching your favorite locations in SharePoint.

Instant search - Filter your content

An incredible feature, fast search and filtering on each level. Get to your desired destination even faster

Breadcrumb - Know Your Way

Breadcrumb menu at the top shows your current location. You can start exploring from any parent node in the breadcrumb.


Be More Productive

Increased user productivity, saving your valuable time by making navigation a breeze in SharePoint. Reduced user frustration hence happy SharePoint users

Make SharePoint Easy

Making SharePoint easy to use, even for new SharePoint users. Increased SharePoint user adoption as FlyView does it all for you automatically.

Get Most Out of SharePoint

Increased SharePoint ROI. Optimized SharePoint usage and less duplication of content. Precise usage of resources


Add FlyView from Edge or Chrome store to your browser

Login to your SharePoint site

Flyview will show automatically at the top of the page. That’s how it works!

Optionally you can do further configuration in FlyView Options


FlyView for SharePoint is available for free as web browser plugin on both Chrome and Edge stores.

FlyView for Enterprise

Server Deployment.
A whole lot of useful features.
Consistent user experience.
Centralised configuration.
IE, Chrome, Firefox and major HTML5 browsers support.
Can be integrated with your custom solution.

FlyView for Single Users – Free

Available Free as a Chrome and Edge extensions.
Download in few quick seconds.
Makes Navigation fast and easy.
Explore your complete SharePoint site with the mouse pointer.
FlyView is available for SharePoint Online, 2013, 2010, 2007
Preview files before Downloading.

FlyView in Action!

If you want your users to love using SharePoint, to increase user adoption and improve ROI on your current investments in SharePoint then you need FlyView. FlyView creates an on-screen SharePoint Navigation Menu and Breadcrumb at run-time. Its self-expanding behavior reveals to you the site structure, object metadata, object previews and links to common actions. It’s available for SharePoint Online, 2016, 2013 and 2010. Also supports mobile and tablet (limited support).

It is a safe tool that is easy to install & remove.  Download it for free in Chrome and let it glide you to your SharePoint sites, lists, libraries and views, pages and files. Your destination, anywhere in SharePoint, is just a single click away.

Update Feb ’18: FlyView now supports custom Site Collection hierarchy in the menu.



Rated 5 Star









Is FlyView for SharePoint a free product?

FlyView for SharePoint Chrome and Edge plugins is free for individual users. They are standalone plug and play product and do not need any server deployment. Users can experience all the basic features of FlyView. They can keep using it for free, no enterprise licenses are required though they may sometimes see messages from our sponsors.

FlyView for SharePoint Enterprise version is commercially licensed and follows deploy once and access from everywhere model. It is deployed on a SharePoint Farm or Online tenant and then all the users can access it (unless restricted by configuration) across all major browsers on Windows and Mac machines, no user side browser plugins are required. Enterprise version allows managing configuration centrally and thus all users get a consistent user experience. Furthermore some advanced features like the FlyView Control Center site that allows adding custom site hierarchy to the Flyview  Navigation Menu is only available in the Enterprise version. The Enterprise version is also ad-free as the free Chrome and Edge plugins may display our sponsors’ products.

Does FlyView support SharePoint Online Modern Look?

Currently, FlyView web browser plugins on Chrome and Edge already supports the modern look and feel in SharePoint online.

Modern look support is coming to FlyView Enterprise version in April ’18.

Do you use our SharePoint site data?

No, we do not, only for the browser plugins we get general download statistics from Google and Microsoft but we do not collect your site data. Using Fiddler you can check anytime what calls our products make to the outside world. For enterprise users, we may get the number of users using the product for licensing reasons.

Can FlyView damage my SharePoint site or server content?

No, FlyView is a read-only product, it doesn’t and cannot make any changes to your SharePoint data on the server.

Does FlyView have different permission levels for extra data security?

FlyView, a read-only tool, runs in browser and enhances SharePoint user experience. SharePoint treats all requests coming from FlyView as if they were coming from the user and thus applies the same security restrictions appropriate for the current user.

As a single user, you can, however, change FlyView settings to run it in one of three modes i.e. Basic, Administrator or Developer. These modes basically allow what you can see in FlyView (again, you cannot see anything that you are not allowed)

Basic: Ideal for a business user, Administrator: Ideal if you are a site owner or site collection administrator, Developer: Ideal for the developers.

Would it slow down my browser/PC?

No, it is a very lightweight and super fast javascript based product, optimized for performance and runs within the browser. Instead of slowing down your PC it can actually decreases your PC-to-server traffic as you would be loading a lot lesser number of pages. That’s how it helps you do things faster in SharePoint.

Is there a FlyView server side version?

Yes, we have FlyView Enterprise for SharePoint Online, 2016, 2013 and 2010. It follows a deploy once and use anywhere model. With the enterprise version, your users will not need to install anything. FlyView Enterprise runs on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) as well as on iPads and mobile tablets (with limited support). Please contact us for a quick quote if you are interested in purchasing the Entperise version.

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