FlyView 3.0 Now Available

We are excited to announce that FlyView for SharePoint 3.0 is now available. This 3.0 release took a significant amount of time to develop advanced productivity features that enhance user experience and make FlyView even better. Now with new navigation options, SharePoint modern look support, custom styling and custom site collection hierarchy option FlyView is truly a must-have for every organization that uses sites and documents.

So explore the new features below and download the fully functional trial version today. You can also see all of them in action in our live preview site here Note: FlyView 3.0 is only available in the Enterprise version.

Side Navigation Menu

You now have an option to display the new collapsable FlyView Navigation Menu on the left side of the browser window. It allows you to navigate the content of

  • current document library
  • current site
  • current site collection
  • search current site collection (local search)
  • search the entire tenant/farm (global search)
  • Your recently visited SharePoint locations and items
  • Your favorites for the current tenant/web application

Now you have the option to show

  • the Top Nav Menu
  • the Side Panel Menu
  • or both

How to use it

  • Go  to FlyView options
  • Configure the Side Panel settings
  • Setup visibility and positioning
  • Select Custom Styling Yes and then style it with the colors (Hex codes) you like
  • Save changes and reload the SharePoint page.

InPage Context Menu

FlyView now detects the folders in the current page and adds a + icon next to the folder name, clicking this will open a context explorer menu for that folder. Now you can explore the content and sub-folders of that folder in the same fast and speedy dynamic way. The folders list in a document library page or any other SharePoint page with list view web parts are supported

How to use it

  • Go  to FlyView options
  • Configure the Context Menu to enable or disable
  • The context menu inherits other settings from the top navigation menu.

Site Collection Groups

FlyView by default allows you to navigate within a site collection. Now you can define site collection groups that also appear in the same top navigation bar. This allows the users to navigate across site collections as per your defined grouping.

How to use it

  1. (if not done yet then) Navigate to the FlyView Control Center site collection to configure the site collection hierarchy as desired. Click Edit
  2. The columns and their descriptions
    • Title: Title of the group or site collection name
    • Url: Site Collection Url. This needs to be blank if the item is a group (non-leaf item).
    • Order: Sort Order
    • Key: A unique value, used when this item is required to be used as Parent of another item
    • Parent Key: Lookup column for the key of another item (group) in this list. If blank then this item will be the first level group.
    • Parent Title: Auto-populated

3. Access to the site will be managed by SharePoint Permissions, so if a user does not have access to a site collection they will not be able to access it.

  1. Press Apply button and stop Editing.

Custom Styles

FlyView now allows you to further customise the look & feel with colors and behaviors right for your corporate environment. You can define the color codes for

  • Background colors
  • Font colors
  • Font sizes
  • Spacing between the menu items

How to use it

  • Go  to FlyView options
  • Configure the styles for the main menu (top ) and the inpage menu
  • Configure the styles for the Side Panel settings
  • Save changes and reload the SharePoint page.

SharePoint Modern Look Support

FlyView has now been updated using the SharePoint Framework (SPfx) and supports the SharePoint modern look and feel sites and libraries. This allows means FlyView is now more future proof than ever for current and future SharePoint features.

How to use it

  • Modern look support is available in FlyView for SharePoint 3.0
  • Enable modern look in your SharePoint instance and FlyView will continue to work

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