FlyView-A Free SharePoint Tool That Makes Navigation Easy

FlyView – A Free SharePoint Tool that Makes SharePoint Navigation Easy

FlyView is a free SharePoint tool that improves SharePoint user experience and increases your productivity. You will spend less time discovering SharePoint content and more time actually working on it. This little SharePoint tool is a must have add-on for your SharePoint Site.

It is actually a navigation bar that sits on top of the web page. If you install it as the Chrome extension then it will automatically detect a SharePoint site logon. It then brings out the SharePoint site structure and the content, rendering them as a fly out menu. The menu responds to your mouse movements and you do not even need to click on a site or document library to explore it. You only click when you have located your target content, it doesn’t matter if it is sitting (or buried) 10 layers down the main root site.

At any site or document library level you can use the quick search/filter option to see if your target file is there or not.

You can preview either the document (SharePoint online\Office 365) or its properties, and the FlyView stays with you there. You can then keep viewing other documents, continuing from the same location.

FlyView – So what this little SharePoint Tool offers?

Here is the summary of FlyView’s benefits that it offers when it comes to navigating SharePoint sites and document libraries:


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