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Guest Post: I am a SharePoint user and find it challenging working on some large SharePoint site with multiple nested sub-sites; lots of libraries and folders; files and documents everywhere. The most exhausting thing is exploring and viewing SharePoint content in a back and forth fashion. Often it takes a lot of time to load page after page to find the right content. SharePoint is missing some good explorer and viewer tools out of the box. There is SharePoint Explorer View but it is only good for moving the documents around, back and forth navigation is still a time consuming job.

I believe almost all SharePoint users have experienced such navigation challenges and searched for some sort of SharePoint menu solution, file explorer or viewer. In my case this one product called FlyView for SharePoint helped me immensely. It is a simple yet powerful SharePoint tool. FlyView’s online explorer is quick and easy to use, saves heaps of my valuable time and gives me full access to the SharePoint site content. No matter how big the site is, with FlyView I can explore the entire site and all of its content in a jiffy!

Here’s how it works

SharePoint Explorer View

What I like in FlyView, the new SharePoint Explorer View

  • Easy to install, a truly plug and play tool in Chrome for all major SharePoint versions including SharePoint online, 2013, 2010 and 2007.
  • Very fast and speedy, feels like a turbo version of SharePoint Explorer View
  • Handy search and filtering options, if you know parts of the file/document name simply type in the search box and boom you are there.
  • It gives you a little preview with supported object types such as MS word, Excel, which is very helpful.
  • FlyView also helps you backtrack your steps, it creates a runtime breadcrumb which means you never get lost.

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